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The Best Way To Remove Your Accidental Toyota Car For Cash In Brisbane

toyota car accident

Choosing to drive means you are accepting the risk of accidents. In Australia, every year, there are thousands of car accidents, both fatal and non-fatal. Whether the accident is due to inattentiveness, intoxication, or aggression, it simply leads to many accident-damaged vehicles on the road.


Here are the three most common types of accidents found on QLD roads and the type of damages they can cause:


  1. Rear-end Collisions

In the most straightforward words, rear-end collisions occur when the front of the vehicle collides with the rear-end of another vehicle in the same direction. These types of accidents are quite common in Australia and make about one-third of all the accidents annually. Even though these accidents are common, their effects on peoples lives are far from it.


This type of rear-end collision can vary in severity and cause physical injuries depending on the circumstances, speed, and distance between the vehicles. As long as the passenger and drivers have seatbelts on, they can avoid significant injuries (but not always). People who go through these accidents may sustain acute injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, and even head trauma.


The situation can get much more severe for drivers and passengers in the leading car. That is because the impact of the collision on the leading vehicle is unexpected. This unprecedented acceleration of the car because of the impact can cause whiplash, spine damage, brain injury, and even death.


  1. Head-on Collision

A head-on collision is also known as a “front impact accident” or “frontal crash”. This type of accident occurs when two vehicles travelling in opposite directions run into each other. This collision can cause identifiable damages to the front-ends of the vehicles and also to the passenger and driver present within the car. The severity of this collision once again depends on the speed of both vehicles.

Front-impact accidents are the second most common type of accidents that occur in Australia. And the most common causes of these frontal crashes are drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, distracted drivers and poor weather conditions. Measures should be taken to reduce these accidents because they lead to the most extreme types of damages to both people and property.

Even if the driver and passengers took precautions and were wearing seatbelts in head-on collisions, it can still cause critical injuries. Injuries such as head trauma, internal bleeding, amputation, concussions, ribcage damage, lacerations, etc. are quite common.


  1. Side Impact Collision

A side-impact collision occurs when the front of one car hits the side of another. This type of accident usually happens at intersections and are also called “t-bone accidents”. The side-impact accidents can be considered the most dangerous ones because, unlike rear-end and head-on collision, in a side-impact crash, the distance between the point of impact and the passenger’s body is very less. Hence this can lead to severe injuries for both passengers and drivers.

Injuries such as internal bleeding, spinal injury, and whiplash occur more frequently in side-impact accidents than others. In addition, factors such as the vehicle’s size and speed also impact the severity of the accident.


The frequency of accidents has led to an increase in a number of accident damaged vehicles in Australia, which led to growth in companies that pay customers maximum cash for accidental car removals. These companies offer customers a convenient and effective way to get rid of their vehicle without the hassle of taking the car to the junkyard.


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