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How To Sell Un Roadworthy Car in Brisbane?

How To Sell unroadworthy Car

With time and extensive use, every car wears down and become not roadworthy. Usually, it is not advisable to repair a non-running broken, damaged, junk, scrap, written-off, totalled, and salvage car as the cost of getting it repaired is more than the vehicle’s market value.

So, what is the best and  that no longer runs? We have listed below few options for you to sell your car top cash in Brisbane.

Get The Evaluation Of Your Vehicle

Before you sell your car, it is essential to assess the value of your car. You can call any local mechanic at your place and ask him to evaluate the condition of your vehicle. For example, how many auto parts are in working condition and how many parts can be repaired.

If the cost of getting your car repaired is lower than the resale value of it, get it repaired right away. Fixing some minor damages by spending a few dollars will surely help you get top cash for cars in Brisbane.

Sell A Car Privately

You can place an ad in the newspaper, or you can take the benefit of free ad posting in Gumtree, Craigslist, eBay, where you will find hundreds of private car buyers at one click.

Among hundreds, only a few of them are usually serious car buyers. So, it will be pretty tricky for you to find a car buyer willing to pay you the price you want.

If you decide to sell a car privately, get ready to meet countless strangers who will do endless negotiations with you.

Find A Local Auto Dealer

Many local dealers in Brisbane are after used, junk, scrap, damaged, and broken vehicles. They buy these vehicles, fix them, and resell them for a higher price.

However, beware when you sell a car to a dealer, as they might pay you far less than the value of your vehicle.

Sell A Car For Parts

If your car is damaged beyond repair and is no longer roadworthy, the best option is to sell it for parts.

If you live in Brisbane and have all the necessary tools and skills to dismantle the car, you can strip the vehicle and carefully remove all the working auto parts. Many people are looking for used auto parts, so you can quickly sell them and get a better price than selling a not roadworthy vehicle.

Best Car Removal Brisbane

If you want to save yourself from all the hassles and make top cash for cars in Brisbane, you can call All Car Removal and get the same-day free car removal Brisbane and cash for cars up to $9,999.

We are a licensed scrap car removal company that buy all makes and models of vehicles. We make sure to provide you with the best car removal in Brisbane without asking to get your car repaired or pay for towing.


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