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Best Ways to Sell your Damaged, Accidental Car

Having an old damaged car in your possession can make your life quite miserable with frequent repairs, visits to the mechanic, and out of pocket expanse.

It is fairly common for your car to sustain some damage, no matter how careful you are when driving. Whether your vehicle no longer runs or has been irreparably damaged, the fact is that you must sell your damaged car in some way.

What if we tell you there are few solutions to your problem that can end this miserable life. Here in this blog, we have piled up some best ways to sell your damaged cars for cash in Brisbane.


Repair it and Sell it

If you are looking for some good bucks for your old car, the best way is to repair your vehicle and then sell it privately or to a car dealership. But cash for damaged cars come with time and effort.

Depends on the severity of the damage; minor the damage lesser the money and time you have to spend. Pay a visit to a mechanic or try the DIY option to repair minor dents, scratches, replace the faulty or broken mechanical parts, replace & fill up the car fluids, clean both the interior and exterior of the car with good cleaners & polishing. You can also replace upholstery if there is unrepairable damage and gather up anything that comes with the vehicle and all the documents of car maintenance receipts, owner’s manual, etc.

After you are done with all this, take good pictures of your car, advertise it online, and put a “For Sale” sign on a vehicle. Be prompt in replying quickly with all the necessary information they require.

If you find a potential buyer, schedule a meeting at a public place with cameras installed. Be there at the time of test driving, and make sure to ask for a safe payment option.

Sell the Car in its Current State

If your car is severely damaged and there are major dents and damages to your engine or transmission, repairing those can cost you so much money. So, the option here stands is to sell the car in its current condition. Of course, you won’t get much, but you can get rid of your car without putting so much money and effort into it.

Some people can buy a severely damaged car to DIY those repairs themselves and resale it further. And sometimes, damaged car buyers know how to fix the engine or transmission for a much lesser price. Therefore, they will negotiate the price for their benefit. As long as you get the cash for damaged cars and the buyer gets the car at a reasonable price, it’s not that bad.


Sell the Car to Scrap Dealer

A last and effortless process is to find the best scrap car buyer near you to remove your damaged car in an instant. However, choose this option if your car has lived its life, unrepairable or accidental damage and is no more roadworthy. Since the junk car buyers pay you money for the auto parts and metallic body, they don’t care about the condition, make, or model. They even provide free car & truck removal service, so worrying about having a truck, bus, or commercial vehicle is not a worry anymore. So, if your car is no more roadworthy and lived its useful life, getting a top dollar in return make it a WIN: WIN situation.


Best Damage Car Removal Brisbane

All Car Removal is a leading scrap car removal Brisbane company that pays cash for any make and model of vehicle regardless of the condition. We provide services like a free quotation, free car & truck removal, free paperwork, and on the spot cash. So, give your old rusty car, 4×4, truck, bus, van, ute, commercial vehicle to professionals and get top dollars cash in return.

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