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5 Things To Do Before Selling a Scrap Car

5 Things To Do Before Selling a Scrap Car

What to do with old scrap cars is a major concern for many car owners. Vehicles that are non-roadworthy simply end up being parked in the driveway without being of any use. But nowadays, many car owners are choosing eco-friendly ways to scrap their vehicles.

Scrapping has many benefits, one of which is making use of the available end-of-life- vehicles (ELVs) for scrap metals and car parts, which helps save energy and preserve the environment. Many top cash for car businesses purchase old worn-out cars from customers and sell the scrap metal collected from these cars to industrial buyers all across the county. And some also sell auto parts salvaged from these cars to customers at affordable prices.

If you are planning to scrap your vehicle in the Gold Coast area, you should keep in mind some of the things to ensure hassle-free scrapping, which will result in maximum benefits for you.


The five things to do before selling a scrap car are given below:


1.   Choose a reliable car scrapper with good ratings

In Gold Coast, car scrappers cannot do business without a “Motor Wrecker License”. So make sure that the scrapper you are dealing with is licensed and follows the QLD government’s regulations.

Furthermore, you can also check customer reviews on independent websites to see if their services are up to the mark. Most scrappers have licenses displayed in their shops; if not, feel free to ask them directly. It is essential to know this detail because any deals made by an unlicensed scrapper will be considered illegal and void in the eyes of the law.


2.   Ensure reliability of the weight scale

Most of the time, scrap cars are purchased for their metal. This means the heavier your vehicle is, the more it will be worth. In these cases, the first thing a car seller should do after choosing a reliable scrapper is to check if the weight scale they are using is accurate.

Weight scales, just like any other machinery, requires maintenance; otherwise, they will give an inaccurate reading. Therefore, look out for calibrated weight scales to ensure the instrument’s reliability and only deal with wreckers with a good reputation.


3.   Cancel your car insurance and get a refund on your license

A license plate is of no use on a scrap vehicle. So if you are not purchasing a new car, it’s better to remove the plate from the vehicle and turn it in. In addition, all the Gold Coast residents are eligible for a refund on their vehicle registration if they cancel it before its expiration period.

So before taking the vehicle to the scrappers, it’s advisable to remove the number plate and take it to your local TMR to receive the refund. The same strategy should be used for car insurance. If there is a remaining insurance period, the seller will receive a refund on the amount paid.


4.  Remove all the valuable auto parts from the car and your personal items

Car scrappers use old vehicles for two things, scrap metal and car parts. But sometimes, car parts such as alternators, starter motors, sound systems, GPS, batteries, wheel, etc., can all be sold at higher prices to individual buyers with similar car models. Therefore, before selling the vehicle, it can be beneficial for the car owners to take out these parts and sell them separately to receive maximum returns.


Another thing to remember is to remove all of your personal belongings from the car. Because once the vehicle is sold, all the items found within the vehicle will be disposed of. Hence, it’s better to remove any personal items from the car, so you won’t regret losing them.


5.   Get all the documents in order

To sell your scrap car for cash in Gold Coast, you need to transfer the vehicle to the scrapper’s name. Scrap car owners can find more information regarding the process on the QLD government’s website.


Transferring the title of the car to the wrecker ensures the seller’s safety. That is because if the vehicle were to be stolen or used in illegal activity, the seller wouldn’t be liable for it; instead, the scrapper will be.


So, all in all, follow these five tips before selling your car, and you will surely earn top cash and have a stress-free experience.

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